Join the JJ ARMY!

As you probably already know, my world definitely revolves around guitar…guitar performances, guitar lessons, guitar tabs, gear reviews, gear unboxings.. anything guitar! I have been obsessed with guitar since the first time I picked one up as a child. It had a crooked neck, a beat-up body, and one rusty ol’ string hanging on for dear life.. but it hooked me! I fell in love and my world has revolved around guitar ever since. 

After a LOT of requests for it, I have created a Patreon Page as a sort of Virtual Backstage Pass, where you can pull up a chair, hang out via livestreams, talk music, get a sneak peek into what goes on behind the scenes in my studio, join a workshop or masterclass, and enjoy this community of like-minded lovers of music, blues, rock & roll, and guitars!
Also, for those of you who love limited-edition merch, your membership will give you access to the coolest, and most rare JJ Merch IN THE UNIVERSE! 

I figured Patreon is the best way to connect directly with my closest and most supportive fans, and give you exactly what you are looking for!

So, Let’s do this! 

Become a member of the Justin Johnson Army!

Gain access to Patreon-Only rewards like Exclusive Music Downloads, Guitar Tablature, Behind the Scenes VIP AccessLimited-Edition Merch, Patreon-Only Discount Codes,Contests & Giveaways, Exclusive Video Content, Exclusive Livestreams, & Much More!

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