JUST RELEASED! Justin Johnson’s One String Diddley Bow Instructional Course

Just Released! One-String Diddley Bow Instructional Course
People have been asking for this one for years, and it’s finally available! 
A full length video course, specifically for the One-String Diddley Bow

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“One-String Diddley Bow” Guitar Lesson Video Course 

Learning the One-String Diddley Bow is one of the best ways to quickly master the foundational techniques for Blues guitar and bottleneck slide!  Many blues legends started their musical journey playing the Diddley Bow, from Elmore James and Lightning Hopkins, to Blind Willie Johnson and Jimi Hendrix.  Whether you are a total beginner or a professional guitarist, this video course will help you tone up your blues chops the same way the masters did… on one string!  In this video course Justin Johnson guides you step-by-step with his patient and thorough teaching style, sharing the deeper techniques and knowledge that will allow you to master the Diddley Bow and refine your style as a guitarist.  

This full-length video course will give you foundational techniques for using the bottleneck slide, applying emotional vibrato, controlling your right and left hand techniques, muting, anchoring, secrets to playing in tune, getting better tone and rhythm, and much more.  These techniques are taught using songs examples from some fo the most iconic and deep-rooted melodies in American musical tradition.

On-Screen and PDF Tablature Included!

Intro to the One-String Diddley Bow
What is a Diddley Bow
History of the Diddley Bow
Learning the Parts of the Diddley Bow
How to Tune the Diddley Bow
Understanding Fret Markers 
How to Mark Your Own Frets 
Marking Frets Using Harmonics  
Marking Frets with String 
How to Hold the Diddley Bow
Balance and Control the Diddley Bow
How to Play with a Guitar Slide 
Which Finger To Use with the Guitar Slide 
Playing Slide with Your Ring Finger 
Playing Slide with Your Pinky Finger 
Getting Comfortable with the Guitar Slide
Playing in Tune with the Guitar Slide 
Sliding Between Notes
How to Use Vibrato 
Bo Diddley Beat
Left-Hand Muting 
How to Use a Guitar Pick
Up & Down Strokes
Keeping Good Rhythm
Slow Tempo Play-Along Track
Up-Beat Tempo Play-Along Track
Playing Scales on the Diddley Bow  
G Major Scale
Playing Scales in Tune 
Checking Tuning with a Chromatic Tuner
SONG WALKTHROUGH: When the Saints Go Marching In  
Slow Tempo Play-Along Track
Up-Beat Tempo Play-Along Track 
Taking The Song to the Next Level
G Minor Scale
Slow Tempo Play-Along Track 
Up-Beat Tempo Play-Along Track 
Taking The Song to the Next Level
The Blues Scale
SONG WALKTHROUGH: Wish I Was in Heaven Sitting Down
Slow Tempo Play-Along Track
Up-Beat Tempo Play-Along Track
Taking The Song to the Next Level
SONG WALKTHROUGH: Rollin’ & Tumblin’
Slow Tempo Play-Along Track
Up-Beat Tempo Play-Along Track
Taking The Song to the Next Level

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