Fingerpicking Patterns to Take Your Guitar Playing to the Next Level

If you have been looking for some fingerpicking exercises to shapen up your accuracy, break your old habits, and drill new muscle memory into all five fingers, then these patterns should keep you busy! I play these patterns every day to warm up, and get my fingers in shape, and promise that you will love’em… if they don’t drive you crazy first! Check them out in the following video…

If these patterns have you cursing at your guitar, and considering a life as a drummer… don’t smash your guitar yet… you just need some introductory fingerpicking techniques to build up your technique and confidence! Remember, practice and consistency is the key to developing good, consistent technique!

Follow these tips while you practice these patterns…

• Take it very slow at first and build up speed over time through repetition
• Get the first two exercises down before trying the rest… they get a lot harder
• Devote one finger for each string (with the thumb dedicated to the low E and A strings)
• Anchor your forearm on the edge of the guitar body

For Great Introductory Fingerpicking Tips, check out this video:

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