HIGH VOLTAGE ROCKABILLY! “All I Can Do Is Cry” from Justin Johnson’s Upcoming “B-Side Gold” Album

Crank up the speakers & spread the word! …you’ve been asking for it.. here it is!… the first completed track from my upcoming album, “B-Side Gold.”


Preorder the album through my Kickstarter Campaign (http://kck.st/34aNtjh) and you can also get earlybird pricing on the album or download, free bonus album download, huge discounts on whiskey barrel guitars, special edition 3-string shovel guitars, & other killer rewards and bonus perks for preordering, that are only available through the crowdfunding campaign.

This track is a cover of an old Wayne Walker tune called “All I Can Do Is Cry.” It features Spike Nicer on vocals, Derrek Phillips (Hank Williams Jr., Charlie Hunter) on drums, Mark Winchester (Brian Setzer Orchestra) on the slap bass, and me (Justin Johnson) on guitars.

“All I Can Do Is Cry” has always been one of my favorite old Rockabilly tunes, and I’ve been dying to cover it for a while. I really wanted this arrangement to hit hard, while keeping an authentic Rockabilly backbone. Derrek’s drums really fatten the rock vibe up, while Mark’s Slap bass pounds out more of a traditional Rockabilly slap bass tone. Spike Nicer also nailed the vintage rockabilly flavor on the vocals… with the help of a little tape echo to give it that early Sun Studio soul.

The guitar is much more wild, and the addition of the Wah Wah pedal is something that you never really hear in Rockabilly, but I’ve always loved blending that “Hendrix” vibe with the early Rock & Roll flavor. …I figured, those early electric guitar pickers would have used the Wah if it had been available at the time!

Please help support the creation of this album by pre-ordering your copy today. Here is the link to pre-order: http://kck.st/34aNtjh

GET YOUR COPY OF B-SIDE GOLD HERE!: http://kck.st/34aNtjh

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  1. “All I can do is cry”, just fabulous, what a fantastic version. Top notch!


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