NEW ALBUM by JUSTIN JOHNSON – “B-Side Gold” Rock and Roll Album by Justin Johnson

For the past year, I’ve been in the studio writing, arranging, producing, and recording tracks for an album that defines what I love about rock & roll and the electric guitar.. and I have never been so excited to share the music that’s forming in the studio right now! This new album will be titled ‘B-Side Gold,’ & is inspired by the Rock & Roll B-Sides and Deep Cuts that made me fall in love with electric guitar to begin with.  


So many of my favorite songs were the B-Sides on records… the songs that weren’t designed and produced to be glossy “hits.” These were the songs that took chances and broke conventional pop song templates; putting more attention on the art of musical creation, and less attention on conforming to a musical “product” in a specific “genre” for a specific “market.” 

We’re recording the album at the legendary Cash Cabin Studio.  Cash Cabin was Johnny Cash’s own personal studio, where he recorded his American Recordings with producer Rick Rubin.  The Cabin & Studio is now owned by Johnny Cash & June Carter’s only son, Music Producer John Carter Cash.  We are also bringing aboard a host of wildly talented musicians, including Derek Phillips on drums (you may recognize him as the drummer for Hank Williams Jr.), Mark Winchester on bass (you may know him as bassist for Brian Setzer, always ready to bring down the house with that Rockabilly slap bass!), the indomitable Spike Nicer on vocals, and of course myself, Justin Johnson bringing my signature guitar stylings, along with GRAMMY Award Winning Engineer/Producer Chuck Turner .. and many more surprises to be announced along the way!  As a Kickstarter Supporter, you will receive updates and behind-the-scenes video peeks into the album as it’s being created, that no one else will have access to! 

Want to be part of making this album happen? 

If so, THANK YOU!  You can help make this album a reality by reading through the list of Rewards on my Kickstarter page, and selecting a reward level that appeals to you. Basically.. you buy something cool from us.. or even a preorder of the new album.. and the money you spend goes directly into recording, producing, pressing, and marketing the ‘B-Side Gold’ album!  You will be a huge part of making this album happen! 

Funding this album through Kickstarter allows the music to flow directly from me (the artist) to you (the listener) in the most pure way possible. Plus, there are rewards available through this Kickstarter that I normally wouldn’t offer outside of an album fundraiser, and Bonus Rewards added on to every level, to give you more for your money at every level! One-of-a-Kind Rewards & Free Bonus Additions!  It’s our way of saying “Thanks for Making it Happen!”  

We’ve already completed about half of the tracking for ‘B-Side Gold‘ but we need your support to bring this album across the finish line! 

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