Swampy Rhythm Guitar Tone Walkthrough

Here’s a behind-the-scenes look into the recording of my finger-style guitar arrangement of Ray Charles’ “What’d I Say.” Watch the above video to check out the rig, settings, guitar, and techniques I use to perform this track.

I chose to tune down a whole step for this performance, both because the lower tuning gives more body and low-end fatness to the tone, but also because the stings get looser, and the slackness in the strings help accentuate that swampy vibe. Try tuning down any time you want to add some “swamp” to your tone.

I strung this guitar up with a “standard set” of my Justin Johnson Signature Guitar Strings, which are designed to give you better pitch control, and a smooth touch, even when you are tuning down into lower open tunings. Check them out here.

•GUITAR: “Bad Ass Customs” Hollow-body Bowling Alley Lane Guitar
•CABLES: Mogami Guitar and Mic Cables
•AMP: Fender Blackface Princeton Reissue
•STRINGS: Justin Johnson Signature “Standard Set” Guitar Strings
•ACOUSTIC PANELS: ProSoCoustic Gobo Panels

If you have song requests or gear questions, let me know in the comments. Please click the “Follow” button on this page to get more Roots Music Lessons.

Keep Rockin’
Justin Johnson

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  1. anthony(Tony) Jorgensen

    Justin, just want to say thank you for the years you have made music great to listen to and learn from you. and many many people out there we think you are the very best. guitarist. you belong on the world stage period.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. 🎸 sounded very good I like that Ray Charles kick. You have that guitar made out of wood from the bowling alley pretty cool sounds great keep it up catch you next time.
    🎹 Ray Charles 🎸 Justin Johnson🎶


  3. Very inspiring! Thanks for sharing your knowledge! 🙂


  4. Hi Justin. Can i purchase the tab for this Ray Charles song? Great arrangement as always. Cheers. Kit


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