Learn Guitar in One Minute! …well, kinda…


With the pace of life getting faster, and attention spans getting shorter, it’s time for guitar lessons that can fit into your busy schedule!  Each of these lessons is designed to teach you essential techniques, using a musical riff that’s fun to play, in only one minute!

Make sure you watch my hands closely in the videos, pay attention to which fingers I am using to pluck or fret the strings, start out playing the riff slowly, and then build up the speed through steady repetition.

Do you want MORE in-depth 6-string lessons?

These one-minute-riff videos were made to promote my upcoming 5-Part In-Depth Guitar Lesson Series, which I am currently funding through Kickstarter.  As an independent artist with no label support, I’m able to choose to give the fans what they want, because I have no record label making decisions about what I can devote my time and creative energy to.  That allows me to respond directly when fans say they want something (like 6-string guitar lessons).. but it also means that I need fan support to make it happen!

If 6-String Guitar Lessons is something you would enjoy, all I ask is that you consider pre-ordering, because that is how I fund the time, equipment, editing, graphics design, production, manufacturing, & all that is necessary to put out a great project.

If you contribute to my Kickstarter at ANY level, you will receive ALL 30 of these one-minute lessons as a digital download for FREE!  So, if you like these One Minute Riff lessons, and want more, than CLICK THIS LINK, and pre-order before the fundraiser ends.

Justin Johnson

Check Out my Kickstarter Page HERE!

justin johnson guitar lesson series banner


These are just a few of the rewards you can get through my Kickstarter Page…

crankin it up banner justin johnson shovel guitar3 string banner


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