“3-String Guitar” Instructional Video Series now available via Digital Download!

Justin Johnson​’s “3-String Guitar” instructional video series is now available via Digital Download, and comes with a Downloadable PDF booklet of Accompanying Guitar Tablature to go along with each lesson!


The download option has been so well-received, that we’re making the entire catalog of Justin Johnson Guitar Instruction available for download.

Justin Johnson​’s “3-String Guitar” instruction is now available via 
Digital Download, with a Downloadable PDF booklet of Accompanying Tablature!  


Video Series Contents:
​Chapter 1 
•Opening Credits
Chapter 2 
•Intro to the 3-String
•How to Hold the 3-String
Chapter 3 
•Flatpicking vs. Fingerpicking
•How to Hold the Guitar Pick
Chapter 4 
•Play Anything with One Finger
•Simplifying Chords
Chapter 5 
•“House of the Rising Sun” One-Finger Arrangement
•Tips to Barring Chords
Chapter 6 
•“House of the Rising Sun” ‘Smoke & Mirrors’ Arrangement
•Adding Dynamics & Vibrato
Chapter 7
•“Amazing Grace” Chord/Melody Arrangement
•Pull-Off Technique
•Adding Harmonics
Chapter 8
•“You Gotta Move”
•Slide Guitar
•Slide Vibrato
•Palm Muting
•Rhythm/Lead Fingerpicking

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  1. Hello Justin .. love your work .. I am in the market for a 3 string guitar .. beginner .. I was wondering if the 3 string can be played effectively without the slide .. cheers .. I also live on Scenic Dr. Lewisham.

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