How to Play “Sleepwalk” on the 3-String Guitar! Guitar TABs Included!

“Sleepwalk” by Santo and Johnny is one of the most recognizable instrumental melodies in Rock & Roll history.  It’s one of those songs that, within the first few notes, recalls the absolute essence of an era.  The distinctive melody was originally written and recorded for lap steel guitar, with rhythm section laying down a tasteful harmonic and rhythmic bed.  This 3-String arrangement of the song is a chord/melody arrangement, meaning the melody is played on the higher strings, and the harmony (chord changes & bassline) are played on the lower strings.  Essentially, you are playing the entire band’s music on 3 strings.

I’ve written out the tablature below to correspond to the video above.  It’s in Open G tuning (G-D-G) using the A, D, & G string from a standard 6-string pack.

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~Justin Johnson
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Little Crow Guitars

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Sleepwalk Tabs

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  1. BEAUTIFUL!!!! I think it’s going to take me a looonngg time to learn this one, but I will learn it! THANKS SO MUCH!!!


  2. wow , i simply love this . great job justin listened to it ten times already . more like this one !!!


  3. Thanks for your help Justin. I picked up your 3 string DVD to start with. I’ll be back!!!


  4. Terrific, Justin! When I built my first 3 stringer, I picked out the basic melody to “Sleepwalk”, buy it doesn’t hold a candle to yours! Thank you for the tabs so I can practice this!


  5. Don Farmer TUCSON AZ.

    Justin my name is DON I have got all of your stuf & watch all your lessons came a long way thank you. But I realey wont to lern SLEEPWALK can you help? MY E mail is


  6. Cathy Leposa-Petraud

    Wooooo-hoooo….beauty-full – I , unfortunately can’t play anything, but I so lovvvve to listen to You making greeeeeat music!!! Thanksss , You’re Fabbbmazzzing!!!


  7. Thanks I am going to share my friends your site.


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