Blues Guitar Soloing is Easier Than You Think

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When you listen to Blues guitarists like Stevie Ray Vaughn or Johnny Winter, you can’t help but appreciate the way they can blaze through a series of notes while somehow still retaining that Bluesy, Soulful feeling in their tone, phrasing, and articulation.  But, when you are first learning how to solo over a Blues song, it can be really tricky to break into those quick runs, and not lose that feel.

To me, the secret to developing your own voice when soloing is by breaking your scales, patterns, and riffs into smaller, easily digestible sections.  This way, you can apply and develop your own voice, inflections, and favorite techniques over small sections of the scale, and then learn to connect those sections once they are comfortable.  Then, before you know it, you will be able to quickly nail those fast musical lines, not by practicing the whole scale or riff, but by mastering the sections and then linking them together.

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In the following videos I explain how you can start with a scale diagram, break it down into playable patterns, and then break those patterns down into riffs and solos.  In other words, I’ll show you how to turn scales into your own unique Blues solos on the 3-String and 4-String!

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~Justin Johnson
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