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  1. Frank "Tiger" Theisen

    Hi Justin
    I follow yr channels now for about a year or so. Love what you do, what and how you share yr experience.
    I started to build cbg’s. I’m a cabinet maker from Germany and musician, main instrument bass.
    By any chance are you interested in reviewing my cbg’s?


  2. I think your 1 of the best guitar players that i have ever heard


  3. I just want to say it would be more than a blessing. To win a good electric guitar


  4. Justin,love your channel…huge long term fan….got a question…on that 00017 episode I was so impressed I bought one..1500 was a stretch but I finally got the gift I wanted for 40 years…thanks,big time….what kind of strings and slide might bring out the best…what were you using…I’m dropping to a D to D standard,so much better.


    • Hey, I’m glad to hear you picked one up, and that you are enjoying it. I have tried a couple of different string packs with it, and I currently have the Martin RETRO pack on them. I think I will ry the Marting Silk & Steels next, to get a looser, slinky vibe, and see how that feels. I think it’s always good to try a few packs when you get a new guitar… changing them about every week, until you find the right feel and tone for your instrument, in your hands. It’s a personal choice that is best made by getting a feel for the instrument, and how it responds to your playing style.


  5. Peter Hutchinson

    I want to thank Justin and his amazing ability to meld away the greyness of depression.
    I have traveled this dark road for many years and have tried many concoctions to alleviate the sadness.
    A month ago I grabbed my first guitar and the sun started to shine.
    Then I started listening to your music and I had to get dark aviators because” the future is so bright”

    Seriously, you should bottle this music.
    It helped me immensely and I am sure it would others who suffer from this debilitating pain.


  6. Hello Justin!
    Messing around on my computer this morning, I happened to (accidentally) click on a YouTube video where you are teaching how to play an acoustic guitar (specifically finger plucking). (And, by the way, in my 51 years, I have never made a genuine effort to play any musical instrument, and I have no intentions of suddenly doing so. Also, I had never heard of you before this morning.) Regardless, I did end up watching your entire video. I wanted to take a moment and offer you a compliment. You are undoubtedly one of the best teachers that I have ever seen! You explain everything in such a simple, clear and concise style & manner! By the end, I actually found myself wishing that you were an expert on some other subject that I did have to learn about so that I could search out your instructional video on it! I realize this is a rather odd compliment to give, but I still wanted to take a minute and do so. It goes without saying that your musical gifts are beyond incredible, but I believe you are equally gifted as a teacher!! Keep up the outstanding work!


  7. Love your slide.
    Some of mine to share;)


  8. Subscribed , hoping to win a Lewitt Mic!:)


  9. Can you do a lesson on how to play. Give me back my bullets


  10. You are the reason I picked up a 3 string. My stress and anxiety goes away. Just by strumming and using 1 finger on the d string 2nd fret . Thanks man your a life saver literally.


  11. Hello Justin

    Hope I’m in the right place to comment on the guitar contest giveaway. Been watching your videos for awhile now and absolutely love the Delta Blues. You inspired me to start playing guitar again. In fact just bought a used hy vibe lag guitar after watching your video. But need a good sounding electric guitar to learn the delta blues 🤔💙


  12. Brilliant, love the sounds.

    On the video – BLUES GUITAR MUSIC • One Hour of Delta Blues Slide Guitar – Could anyone please tell me the title of track that starts a touch after 48 minutes? Thanks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=by_qL7YHio4


  13. Hello you play one beautiful 12 String Guitar : from Thomas Fejoz (T,J.)
    in France ?
    I have Three Guitars from him : 2 twelve strings and 1 six Guitars : mmmmmhhhhhh !!!
    Yves in France.
    Bye Bye !


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